Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reduce the worlds dependency on fossil fuels!

Greenfoot Global, the marketing pioneer of environmentally friendly green products, holds the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for EnviroTabs. EnviroTabs can help reduce harmful fuel emissions by up to 75% while also helping increase mileage and horsepower which in turn can lower fuel costs.

The technology behind the product was developed as a result of work on experimental burn rate modifiers for solid rocket propellant systems used in the aerospace industry. For over 30 years, various blends of this product have been used in large commercial and government applications. Millions and millions of miles and hours of usage have proven the product effective in multiple categories.

In early 2009, a group of professional marketers pursued their desire to put the product in a tablet form to be used by consumers around the world. By partnering with a team of scientists and engineers, who have worked with this unique multi-functioned combustion catalyst since the mid 1980s, EnviroTabs was born!

In the late fall of 2009, Greenfoot Global began marketing EnviroTabs through an Affiliate marketing campaign of Independent Affiliates, utilizing the power and reach of both the Internet and personal sales efforts.

In the mid 2010, Greenfoot Global started a network marketing program to create a unique opportunity for the individual home based entrepreneur with the desire to capitalize on the exploding worldwide 'Green' movement.

Greenfoot Global now has the exclusive World Wide Network Marketing and distribution rights to our EPA registered and fully patented EnviroTabs product.

Our mission is to reduce the worlds dependency on fossil fuels, save the consumer money, and provide our independent team of entrepreneurs a sustainable business opportunity!

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