Monday, March 28, 2011

Greenfoot Global Compares Biodiesel vs. Green EnviroTabs

Greenfoot Global’s new green EnviroTabs product proves more beneficial than biodiesel.
An EPA Registered, US Patented combustion catalyst that can be used in gas, diesel and biofuels.

The hot news topic, oil and oil prices. In your daily routines, there's a good chance of someone mentioning it. It's one of the most discussed (and controversial) commodities that consumers rely on daily.
All of this talk about oil sparks continued interest in alternative fuels, which is where biofuels come into the picture.

Biofuels are fuels made from biological ingredients instead of fossil fuels. Generally speaking, biodiesel is an alternative or additive to standard diesel fuel that is made from biological ingredients instead of petroleum (or crude oil). Biodiesel is usually made from plant oils or animal fat through a series of chemical reactions. Biodiesel is safe and can be used in diesel engines with little or no modification needed. However, biodiesel does have its drawbacks.

Biodiesel vs. EnviroTabs

One of the problems with the fuel itself is the increase in NOx in biodiesel emissions which contribute to smog formation.

With the use of Greenfoot Global’s new product called EnviroTabs, nitrogen oxides would be greatly reduced, corrosive sulfur oxides that cause acid rain could be minimized and carbon monoxide and ground level ozone toxins would be significantly diminished.

Another problem is biodiesel's behavior as a solvent. Because of its ability to loosen deposits built up in the engine (which may be there from old diesel fuel), biodiesel can cause the fuel filter to become jammed with the newly freed deposits. Biodiesel manufacturers suggest changing the fuel pump shortly after switching to high-concentration biodiesel blends.

The EnviroTabs product is a tablet that you put into your tank at fill-up. It dissolves completely in the fuel often before you are done filling up. It is a patented combustion catalyst that is EPA registered. The catalyst allows a chemical reaction to happen at a lower temperature which causes the impurities to completely combust, therefore hard carbon deposits burn off rather than drop into the oil pan, which helps the engine last longer.

Getting back to biodiesel, there may be a slight decrease in fuel economy and power. On average, there is about a 10 percent reduction in power.

On the flip side, with the use of EnviroTabs, the consumer can increase fuel economy and power.
The major drawback to biodiesel is the cost. According to the EPA, B20 blends average about 30 to 40 cents more per gallon than standard diesel.

Ralph Flynn, CEO of Greenfoot Global states, “There is no need to pay the extra money for bio fuel when we have EnviroTabs that will save you money at the pump plus will increase your fuel economy, horsepower and torque, plus reduce emissions at the same time”. Flynn also commented, “We’ve found that our customers have saved from 10% on up to 35% on fuel costs with the consistent use of EnviroTabs”. He also reminds us that, “We have found that results may vary based on temperature, road & traffic conditions, vehicle and engine age, and operator variables. But we are so confident that our product will actually deliver results we place a 100% money back guarantee on it. Simply put, if a customer does not save more money on fuel purchases than the cost of the product, Greenfoot Global will provide a full refund!”

As public awareness grows, and more and more people begin using Greenfoot Globals EnviroTabs on a daily basis, this new green product may just be the next gold mind for entrepanuers since it is only available through independent distributors unlike the biodiesel which can be found at local gas stations.

Consumers interested in earning a long term substantial income by promoting the green EnviroTabs product, and helping consumers beat high gas prices, are welcome to visit the business website at:

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