Sunday, May 8, 2011

Greenfoot Global's Envirotabs- How does it work?

How Do Evirotabs from Greenfoot Global Work?

Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® is an organometallic metal conditioner that acts as a burn rate modifier which catalyzes fuel. This action allows more of the fuel to burn in the power stroke of the engine and therefore less fuel burns in the exhaust stroke.

Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® simultaneously improves fuel economy, increases power and reduces emissions by creating a micro-thin coating in the combustion chamber of your engine which allows fuel to burn quicker.

Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® burns off carbon deposits and catalytically causes a chemical reaction to happen at a lower temperature. The fuel particles begin to combust at temperatures as low as 200┬║ C, as opposed to 600° C. This chemical reaction allows the impurities and the hard carbon deposits to completely burn off.

Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® changes the surface heat absorption characteristics of metal. Note: The greatest loss in efficiency in an automobile engine is the loss of heat. Heat is energy released by the mixture of fuel and air; which produces a heat spike, which creates expansion used to power the vehicle. The cylinder walls and head are water cooled, and the pistons are oil cooled. The thin coating inhibits the transfer of radiant heat. This means higher combustion temperature, greater expansion and more power with reduced emissions. By increasing the burn in the combustion chamber (rather than as after-burn) performance can be increased while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Heat recovery is the single best method that can reduce harmful emissions, increase fuel economy, improve engine performance and extend oil and engine life.

Does it work with all types of fuels?

Yes - Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® works at the chemical level of the combustion process and therefore works exactly the same way regardless of the type of fuel in which it is used. Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® are formulated for use with all types of gas and diesel fuel grades, which includes E-85, two-cycle mixed fuels, and blends of diesel (winter, summer and bio). Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® works in any combustion engine-car, truck, motorcycle, Commercial Lawnmower, generator- you name it!

Just put Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® in your fuel tank before filling up. The tablet will completely dissolve in minutes, often times before you are done filling-up. Once dissolved it passes through the fuel line and past the fuel filter using the fuel as a carrier. Greenfoot Global's EnviroTabs® does not modify or alter the fuel in any way.

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