Thursday, April 14, 2011

Save Green, Drive Green & Get Your Gas For Free!

Greetings All,

Does the surging price of gasoline piss you off?

Compared to $5/gallon these prices are cheap!

If I could show you a way to get your GAS FOR FREE would you take a look at it?

Skeptical? Good, you should be! But I’m gonna blow your mind so pay attention!

They say timing is everything in business. Well the timing is perfect for a brand new company that is about to launch. They have the perfect product that helps solve a huge problem in the marketplace right now.

In one of my previous blog posts entitled “The Real Reason Gas Prices Are Sky Rocketing!” I explained why gas prices are out of control! Now you can capitalize on the gas crisis!

The average price of a gallon of gas in the U.S.A. is $3.79! California has the highest average price of gas at $4.19 per gallon! That’s going to seem like a bargain when gas hits the $5 mark this summer! And I can’t wait!

What if I told you there’s a new product available that will increase your gas mileage up to 25%? Yeah I know, you’d be skeptical at best. Well I was a big doubter myself but the product has a 100% Money Back Guarantee so I figured what I have got to lose? And guess what? The product freaking works great!

The name of the product is Enviro Tabs. It is marketed and distributed by a company called Greenfoot Global. Enviro Tabs are convenient to use and inexpensive (one tab costs $2 and is good for 20 gallons.) If you’re pissed off about the price of gas and how it’s negatively affecting your lifestyle then you ABSOLUTELY NEED to check it out!

Side Benefit: Enviro Tabs reduces harmful emissions from car and truck vehicles as much as 70%! If 10% of all the world’s vehicles used Enviro Tabs we would put a huge dent in hydrocarbon pollution and HELP STOP GLOBAL WARMING!

So, how do you get your GAS FOR FREE? Just follow these steps:

1) Get an Enviro Tabs Test Drive Kit. Try Enviro Tabs for yourself. Order one online. If you’re not happy with the results Greenfoot Global will give you your money back! There’s no risk! Get ready to save a bundle every time you fill up! It’s like getting $60 worth of gas for $20! It’s the biggest “no brainer” of all time!

2) Become a wholesale distributor. Then share the Enviro Tabs product with a few friends. They’ll be so thrilled that they’ll want to become wholesale distributors as well!

3) Help your friends share Enviro Tabs with some of their friends.

4) Rinse and Repeat! After this process repeats itself a few times you’ll be earning enough in bonuses and overides that your recurring income with pay for your gas purchases, i.e. YOU’LL BE GETTING YOUR GAS FOR FREE!

Do you know anyone that might want to get $60 worth of gas for $2o? Yeah, I figured you did!

Do you want to get your gas for free! What are you waiting for? Start Today!

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Become a person of value,

Written by Tim Cronin
The Value Marketing Coach

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