Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rising Gas Prices

Rising Gas Prices Drive Sales Of Greenfoot Global's Fuel Tablet to Record Highs at
“Good for People, Good for the Planet”

Gasoline prices continue to rise again this year, as do the profits of the world's largest oil companies. While these oil companies claim an increased cost of the gasoline refining process, their bottom lines are increasing. Exxon recorded the largest profits of any American company in the history of the nation during fiscal year 2010 with net profits approaching 40 Billion Dollars. This situation has been ideal for Greenfoot Global to spread the word on their patented product, EnviroTabs.

EnviroTabs offer consumers the potential to save 7-14% at the gas pump by simply using the product. According to Greenfoot Global, since EnviroTabs is a patented product the complete formulation is proprietary and is a trade secret. However, we can tell you that EnviroTabs uses a complex of organometallic compounds. This state-of-the-art formula provides EnviroTabs with the technology that surpasses all other fuel related additive products.

EnviroTabs will extend the life of an engine. EnviroTabs is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is test proven and are supported by years of scientific data. It has been tested in the media, by consumer advocate groups and results have been shown to exceed 7-14%. The EnviroTabs product comes with a 100% money back guarantee on the satisfaction of the product, Simply put, If a consumer does not save more money on fuel purchases, than the cost of using our product, Greenfoot Global will provide a full refund so that consumers can perform their own trial of the product at absolutely no risk. The product is EPA Registered, which means it is safe for the environment. Greenfoot Global maintains product liability insurance.

People all around the world have been using this product and seeing great results. "Our 2001 Chevy Venture was on its last legs, or so we thought. It had no power and was just not running right. After using EnviroTabs I immediately noticed an increase in power and over the first packet of tablets we increased our fuel mileage from 17.89 MPG to 20.36 MPG an increase of 14%. Since continuing to use the EnviroTabs product we have increased our mileage by 21% and the van is running much better." says Jackie Aellen.

Consumers interested in saving a potential 7-14% at the pump, or more, can review the Greenfoot Global product website at:

Consumers interested in earning a long term substantial income by promoting EnviroTabs, and helping consumers beat high gas prices, are welcomed to visit the business website at:

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